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Eat Low Mercury Fish & Seafood

I saw a link to this article on twitter & found it very interesting. This article discusses low mercury containing fish & seafood consumption for pregnant/breast-feeding women and young children. The article discusses the benefits if adding fish and seafood to the diet if these populations. We typically have tilapia in our freezer for fish a couple of times a month. Since tilapia is fresh water and farm raised it is a good source for our family. I have multiple allergies, my mom is deathly allergic to shellfish, & my grand daughter is allergic to peanut oil. Our allergies make it difficult to go out to eat seafood. Most places that prepare and cook seafood do not think to separate the fish from the shellfish. My mom has had reactions to fish fried in the same oil as shellfish. It is not fun. I always have my Epi pen and Benadryl on me. A couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner at a catfish place. While reading the menu, I saw they fry the fish in peanut oil. Thank God I read the menu since my grand baby is allergic. They made adjustments to fry her meal in vegetable oil. Come to find out the owner’s grandson is allergic to peanut oil. I thanked them for accommodating us and thought why don’t they change to prevent any risk to others? Oh well, dinner was good and my grand baby got her fish fish. She turns 3 next week. 🙂

Add Low Mercury Fish & Seafood to Diets of Pregnant Women & Children