How to Find Healthy Food in Today's Prepackaged World

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Food Choices for a Happier Life

Link to good food choices

10 good food choices


Smart Food Choices

The following link is from the NIH. it gives choices for healthy aging. Something we all would like to do gracefully.

What’s on Your Plate?


Read the Labels!

My daughter has been trying to eat healthier. She has always taken her lunch to school. This fall she will be in 9th grade and high school. Heart disease runs on both sides of her family, her dad’s and mine. I’ve been teaching her to read the labels for sodium, fat, and sugars. I want her to make informed choices about what she buys or packs in her lunch.

Read The Labels


Tips on Being a Healthy Role Model

As adults and parents we must set examples for the children and young people around us. This includes our eating choices and habits. If you only eat junk and shun healthy nourishing foods, your kids will too. The old adage, “Do as I say not as I do,” does not apply. In regards to children, the recorder is always on.

Be A Healthy Role Model


I Love Butter & I’m Not Ashamed

For many years there’s been debate about butter vs. margarine. My granny is 88 and has always used butter. She has no heart disease but it doesn’t run in her family. My mom has severe coronary artery disease and has always used margarine. Her side of the family all have early onset heart disease and death. My maternal grand father died of a heart attack at only 48. Of course my observations are no scientific study but I use them as an example to show that studies often have bias in favor of the entity paying to have it done. For me the jury is still out. I am 42. My mom was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus at my age. Her father had had a couple of heart attacks by my age too. My uncle had his first one at 25. So far I have beat my genetics but it’s constant and consistent planning on my part to stay as healthy as I can. I lost my husband to melanoma in 2010. I’m all my kids have but I want to spare them the legacy of diabetes, melanoma, and heart disease. The only way to do so is by practicing what we preach.

Why Butter Isn’t As Bad As You Think



Signs You Need More Protein

This link is to a Women’s Health Magazine article: 5 signs you should be eating more protein.

Protein Deficiency


Tips for Teen Boys

This is a link to and a page to help teen boys choose food to help them grow.

Choose the Food You Need to Grow