How to Find Healthy Food in Today's Prepackaged World

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Seafood safety tips

It’s that time of year for yummy summer cookouts! I saw this link on twitter to choose my plate .gov on seafood safety. Bon Appetit!

Tips for eating seafood


Contamination of food packaging

The following link is about a study to prevent contamination of packaging for for our food. I never really thought about it as a source of food poisoning but it makes perfect sense. We wash our produce and even our chicken and turkeys. Some of you may wash your eggs if you have yard birds. I even bag my meat from the butcher section so it won’t drip onto my fruit and veggies in the grocery cart or fridge.

Food Packaging Contamination


Nutrient rich foods to boost your vision

Since I crossed the age of 40 milestone nearly two years ago my vision has changed. I started wearing progressives at 38 because my eyes could no longer adjust from a computer screen to across the room. I saw the link to this article in Glamour on twitter. It is worth a read. I already include many of these foods and vitamins in my diet. My late husband could not see well to drive at night even though he had blue eyes. I suspect a lack of the nutrients was a factor.

Nutrient Rich Foods to Boost Your Vision


Kids and food allergies

I am allergic to multiple types of allergens; food, animal, pollen, etc. it is severe enough I now carry an epipen at all times. When my kids talk about inviting friends along, I now make sure to ask about any allergies. I also watch what my grand daughter eats or is exposed to when she visits. She’s allergic to peanut oil. The following link might be useful to you or those you love.

Food Allergies


Have you had your dairy today?

Here is an informatic I saw on twitter. Had Your Dairy Today?


Food Contamination Linked to Norovirus

Now that summer vacation has begun, so has all the family, church, and company picnics, vacations, family reunions, and other pot lucks or events. I saw this link about Norovirus being a source of food contamination. I realize no one wants to think about food poisoning, but you must wash your hands frequently, ensure your prep, cook, and storage spaces are properly cleaned, sanitized, and at the correct temperatures. Another way to prevent the spread of Norovirus contamination is to stay home. You can’t contaminate food or spread the virus to others if you self quarantine. By doing these things, we can all enjoy our time together rather than spending it in the toilet.

Norovirus Linked to Contaminated Food


Recipe link

Found this on twitter. Sounds Yummy! Spring Rolls Recipes