How to Find Healthy Food in Today's Prepackaged World

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Out of commission

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A link from HCP Cardiology. Dairy and Heart Disease

Link to good food choices

10 good food choices

The following link is from the NIH. it gives choices for healthy aging. Something we all would like to do gracefully.

What’s on Your Plate?

My daughter has been trying to eat healthier. She has always taken her lunch to school. This fall she will be in 9th grade and high school. Heart disease runs on both sides of her family, her dad’s and mine. I’ve been teaching her to read the labels for sodium, fat, and sugars. I want her to make informed choices about what she buys or packs in her lunch.

Read The Labels

As adults and parents we must set examples for the children and young people around us. This includes our eating choices and habits. If you only eat junk and shun healthy nourishing foods, your kids will too. The old adage, “Do as I say not as I do,” does not apply. In regards to children, the recorder is always on.

Be A Healthy Role Model